Volunteer Information

Our volunteers are an extremely valuable asset to the success of our program and our Board Members work all year long to make this organization a huge asset to the Fort Hood Military Community.  Prior to our "shopping days," our volunteers spend time shopping for toys in order to get the best deals possible, setting up decorations, planning a executing Fundraising Events assisting the community with various toy drives, supporting the community in their efforts to assist SWS,  inputting all of our toys, books, and games into the inventory system, processing over 1900 applications, communicating with the commands to select the most deserving families for assistance, doing data entry, and much, much more.  Once December arrives, we need a lot of extra volunteers to serve as Elves who assist our customers in picking out toys.
There are three different levels in which to volunteer:
1. Serve on the SWS Board
2. Serve as a Santa's Helper - you will be contacted when assistance is needed at any event held throughout the year.
3. Serve as an "Elf" during shopping season.  Elves assist the military families in selecting the toys for their children during the shopping days in early Dec.  Most shifts are 2.5 to 3 hours long. 
Santa's Workshop accepts Santa's Helper and Elf volunteers throughout the year. We will schedule our volunteers to ELF for our Shopping Season in November. The shopping dates are 
December 7-11 and December 14-18, 2015. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kellee and Kristen, via email SWSVolCoordinator@gmail.com.

The sign up schedule may not be accessible on smart phones. The sign up schedule is a Google Live Document, so although it will look like an Excel Spreadsheet, once you add your information, it will automatically save to the cloud. Trainings will be held at Santa's Workshop, Bldg 50001, which is adjacent to the Clear Creek Commissary.
Santa's Workshop hosts various fundraisers throughout the year and we are always excited to have people assist with these events.  Every month there is a different opportunity to help.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this dynamic and rewarding organization, please contact our volunteer coordinator today!

Additionally, Santa's Workshop offers the use of our meeting space for coffee groups for free. All that we ask in return is that you're group collect toys/games/balls from the attendees to be donated to Santa's Workshop. To see what dates are available for reservations for coffees, please click the link below:

Do you get excited about Christmas and making others happy?  Would you like to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year? If so, Santa's Workshop may be a perfect volunteer opportunity for you. 


The compensation cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but the rewards are never-ending!