Our program is designed for families in financial need regardless of their income level

Who is Eligible?

Active duty military (including Guard and Reserves) who are stationed at Fort Hood with Children between the ages of 6 month old - 12 years old as of 25 December 2015.

Benefits of Eligibility:

Each eligible family can select two toys and one book per child. In addition, each family can select one game to promote the importance of quality family time.

Deadline for Applications:

- Completed applications will be turned into Santa's Workshop, by the unit, on 26 & 27 October 2015

- Units will have their own internal deadline.  

- Applications are due to your Unit Command Financial Specialist (CFS) by 20 October 2015.  

- Applications will only be accepted after October 29 due to emergency circumstances.  

Application Process:

1) Download the application from the link provided in the column on the left, print and complete the form. Please also download and review the Guidelines prior to completing your application.

2) Take the application to your unit Command Financial Specialist (CFS) and go over it with them.  Generally, the CFS will sit down with you and review your financial situation to determine your eligibility. Because "the children" are our priority, we do not set specific income requirements. 

Please note: Completion of the form and/or the visit to the unit CFS can be performed by either the soldier, or the spouse.  Incomplete or illegible forms can result in disqualification or being put on a wait-list status.

3) All applications require two signatures; the unit CFS and either the Company Commander, First Sergeant, Chaplain, or Rear Detachment Commander.  The CFS will then submit your application to Santa's Workshop by the designated due date.

4) The Santa's Workshop Applications Manager will review every application, and notify the CFS of the status of the applicant, and the CFS will notify the applicant, and confirm if/when an appointment has been established for the family to visit Santa's Workshop.

5) If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact your unit CFS or contact our applications managers at

Santa's Workshop is located in Building 50001; If you are facing the Clear Creek Commissary, we are one door to the right. The workshop is not open regularly throughout the year, so please contact us through one of the E-mail addresses provided on this website, or at (254) 287-TOYS ~ (254) 287-8697

Children are not allowed inside Santa's Workshop. If you have an appointment for a "shopping" date, we ask that you make arrangements for child care, and that the children do not accompany you.  This will help us accommodate as many families as possible in an efficient and comfortable manner.